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Download for Mac!

Download for PC!
You might be thinking:
"What is this game anyway? What are these guys talking about? I would have too see this game to know if I'll like it". Well here is your chance to have a taste of "Bad Milk" on the house. Download our free demo and drink up.

1) Quicktime is required for this demo. You can download Quicktime for free from http://www.quicktime.com

2) Videos in the actual game have better image quality than those in the demo as a result of compression for download.

3) The demo is a 28 Meg download because even compressed video is large.
If you have a high speed connection it will take about 10 minutes. If you have a dial up connection it will take about 10 days (actually 3 hours).

Minimum System Requirements:
Speakers or headphones
800x600 display, high color
16 MB RAM.

95,98,NT 4,2000
100 Mhz Pentium II or better

Macintosh System requirements:
System 7.5 or higher
90 Mhz Power PC or faster.



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