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DreamingMedia offers software consulting services as well as full application development.

Custom games
In addition to our CD ROM, and games on this site, we created desktop pool and magnetic poetry games for Office.com.

DreamingMedia has expertise in information architecture and usability. We have hands on experience conducting usability tests and using rapid prototyping techniques.

     Client side
     Graphic design, HTML, Javascript, Flash, Shockwave.

     Server side
     JSP, Servlets, XML, Vignette.

Traditional Software Development Services
DreamingMedia's co-founder Ted Skolnick has 18 years of experience in the software industry, ranging from industrial control to multimedia to web technologies. He began working with Object Oriented methodologies in 1992 using C++, then in more recent years, Java. As a consultant, he is often brought in as a technical lead as well as to help define and document functionality for projects.

For more information please contact us at feedback@dreamingmedia.com.

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